• This year, Coachella attendees will be able to ship essentials they purchase — like sunglasses, phone chargers, and sunscreen — to an Amazon Locker located inside the California-based festival.
  • There’s no additional charge to use the Amazon Lockers, which will also be available for both weekends. Amazon will also be curating a custom storefront specifically for the event.
  • Amazon Lockers will have a designated space within the festival gates and Amazon team members will be onsite. The annual music and arts festival takes place from April 12 to 14, and April 19 to 21 in California.

This year’s Coachella attendees have just been given license to pack a lot lighter: Amazon is partnering with the annual music and arts festival to allow customers to shop and ship essentials like phone chargers, sunglasses, and water to a collection of Amazon Lockers located directly inside the Empire Polo Club gates.

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